About Us

Investorials.com was founded by a financial expert and a videographer set on creating a better way to connect promising small companies with investors looking for new opportunities.

We set out to solve several problems:

  • Many small public companies are difficult to find and boring to research. We focus on profiling promising small public companies that are either fundamentally undervalued or have viable growth prospects. Next, we develop short digital videos that introduce these companies in just 2-3 entertaining minutes.
  • Wall Street research is biased, wordy and hard to understand. We compose research reports that are written at a Wall Street level for a Main Street crowd. While companies pay us a monthly fee to use our application, the payment is to receive analytics and customize messages to their followers and doesn’t influence our reports.
  • Many small public companies lack research coverage and don’t update investors all that often. In addition to our high-quality research reports, we provide regular updates covering everything from the latest SEC filings to relevant industry happenings. We also make it possible for companies to easily reach out to their followers at any time.

Altogether, the video, research and updates constitute an Investorial – everything an investor needs to learn about a promising small public company!

Our Founders

Jeff Swanson is an accomplished corporate storyteller specializing in whiteboard style videos and in-person interviews conducted in the field.

Simon Monger is a finance veteran with over a decade of experience in the financial markets as a private investor and financial writer for many publications.

Recent News

  • August 1 - Investorials.com "soft launched" its web application, featuring CytoSorbents Corporation.